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Honing - Remove etch marks, scratches, and give your stone a matted look.

Polishing - Restore that high reflective shine.

Cleaning & Sealing - Maintain and protect your surface. We recommend doing this every 1-5 years depending on your stone.

Grout Coloring - Old grout? We can give it a fresh new look!

Stain Removal - Pulling out stains that have penetrated into your stone.

Chip, gouge, and crack repairs - We can fill any of these with a custom color we make on the spot.

Top coat removal - Removing old lacquer that shouldn't be there in the first place

Power washing - Clean outdoor slate, flagstone, etc., then protect it with an impregnating sealer.

Other Specialties - Carpet (hot water extraction or dry), Upholstery, Oriental Rug, and Drapery cleaning!